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1. Statement

♦ Conjunction: that


♣ She said, “I am interested in your  design.”

⇒ She said that she was interested in my design.

♣ They told my father, “You are right.”

⇒ They told my father that he was right.

♣ Arju said to me, “I don’t remember you.”

⇒ Arju said to me that he didn’t remember me.

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2. Question

a. Yes/No Question

♦ Conjunction: if/whether


♣ He asked, “Do you remember me?”

⇒ He asked whether I remembered him.

♣ My mother said, “Are you taking a bath?”

⇒ My mother asked if I was taking a bath.


b. Informative Question

♦ Conjunction: Question word itu sendiri


♣ He asked, “Where do you take a bath?”

⇒ He asked where I took a bath.

♣ They said, “Who is taking a bath?”

⇒ They asked who was taking a bath.

3. Command, Request, Prohibition

♦ Form: to+V1 / not to+V1

♦ Ketika indirect speech menggunakan kata say maka indirect speech nya menggukan certain vers di bawah ini.

* Advise * Implore * Invite * Request
* Ask * Forbid * Order * Tell
* Beg * Entreat * Recommend * Urge
* Command * Encourage * Remind * Warn



♣ “Get out of my room, Lida!” She said.

⇒ She told Lida to get out from her room.

♣ “Don’t touch the screen!” He screamed.

⇒ He told me not to touch the screen.

♣ “You should bring your book, Laila!” he said.

⇒ He advised Laila to bring her book.

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