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Talking about War

  1. Do you want to become a soldier?
  2. Is being a soldier compulsory in your country?
  3. Would you volunteer to become a soldier?
  4. Why does your country have an army?
  5. Which army would you join if you had to?
  6. Would you be a conscientious objector if your country went to war?
  7. Which job would you like to have in the army?
  8. Is having an army a waste of money in your country?
  9. What are some of the jobs that soldiers do?
  10. Would you fight for another country other than your own?
  11. How can countries prevent conflicts when other nations are not trying to bring peace?
  12. Do you think women should be soldiers?
  13. Have you been in the military?
  14. Is there a special day to honor veterans in your country?
  15. What is military service? Is it compulsory in your country?
  16. Do you know of any countries where military service is compulsory?
  17. Do many young people in your country join the army? Why/why not?
  18. Do you know anyone who is in the army or who has been? Tell me about him/her.
  19. What do you think of people whose job is in the army?
  20. Do you think soldiers are well paid?
  21. Have you ever lived in a country at war?
  22. If you were the partner of a soldier who had just been sent to fight in a war, what would you include in his luggage?
  23. What things would you like to send your partner in the army?
  24. What do you think soldiers away from home miss the most?
  25. What do you think soldiers find the most difficult to get used to?
  26. What do you think is the average age for soldiers in the world?
  27. Why do you think people want to become soldiers?
  28. What should countries do to prevent conflict when other nations in the world are not trying to bring peace?
  29. How can the world be peaceful when other countries are not trying to bring peace.
  30. Is war necessary?
  31. Has anyone in your family ever fought in a war?
  32. Does war have any positive consequences for mankind?
  33. If war could be eliminated entirely, would there still be a use for armies?
  34. Do you have a problem with women fighting in wars? Why or why not?
  35. What are your feelings towards the military?
  36. What kind of person makes an ideal soldier?
  37. What causes countries to engage in a war?
  38. What cause would you fight/die for?
  39. Do you think it is morally wrong to kill?
  40. How could people resolve conflicts instead of through war?
  41. What do you understand by the phrase “might is right”?
  42. Can you think of a war that you believe was justified?
  43. What is a hero?

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