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Talking about Weather

  1. What’s your favorite season and why?
  2. Are there any special traditions associated with different seasons in your country?
  3. Have you ever been caught in bad weather? If so, what did you do?
  4. What crops are produced in which seasons in your country?
  5. Do you think weather patterns are changing? If so, why do you think this is?
  6. Do you have many disasters in your country which are caused by weather?
  7. Do you know any interesting myths or stories about the weather?
  8. Do you like snow?
  9. Which do you like better hot weather or cold weather?
  10. Do you have snow in your country?
    1. Do you have hail?
    2. Do you have frozen rain?
    3. Do you have typhoons?
  11. What month gets the most rain in your country?
    1. What month gets the most rain around here?)
  12. About how many inches of rain does your hometown get per year?
  13. What’s the average temperature in your country in the summertime?
    1. How about in the winter?
  14. Do you get tornadoes where you are from?
    1. Do you get typhoons?
    2. Do you have frost?
  15. Do you think that in recent years we are losing our four distinct seasons?
  16. What kind of climate do you prefer when choosing a place to go on vacation?
  17. What is the best season to get married?
    1. Can you think of other activities in which one season may be better than another?
  18. What are the seasons?
  19. What is the hottest season?
  20. What is the coldest season?
  21. In your opinion, which season is the most beautiful?
    1. Which season is the most comfortable for you?
  22. Why do you think spring (or another season) is the most beautiful season?
  23. Have you ever been stranded in a snowstorm? What did you do?
  24. Do you think weather affects the way people feel?
  25. How can extreme weather conditions affect the economy and social life in countries?
  26. Do you think weather patterns are changing?
    1. If so, what do you think is causing these changes?
  27. What are the different kinds of weather?
  28. What is the weather like in your country for each season?
  29. What some of the different kinds of weather?
  30. What is the weather like in your country for each season?
  31. How does weather affect your attitude?
    1. How does weather affect your lifestyle?
  32. What is the relationship between weather and natural disasters?
  33. How to you depend on the weather reports on TV?
  34. How do television stations secure weather reports?
  35. Why is it important to know future weather conditions in advanced?
  36. When would knowing tomorrow’s weather change your plans?
  37. Have you ever checked the weather for your city on the Internet?
  38. What time of year is the best weather where you live?
  39. Have you ever seen snow?
  40. Have you ever been in a typhoon?
  41. Where do you get your weather information?
  42. What is your favorite winter activity?
  43. What is the hottest natural temperature (not in a sauna) you have experienced? Where and when was it and what did it feel like?

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